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On-Line Invoice Inquiry


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I have noticed a problem in On-line Invoice Inquiry.(P42230)
The inquiry sporadically shows wrong taxable amount when I run the inquiry for the SAME invoice. The taxable amount is right sometimes but wrong some other time. There is no consistency.
Do you guys have any suggestions on this!!
Whenever I debug I get the right taxable amount. It's driving me/users crazy.

OW Xe 7333 SP-13 / AS400


you have to verify the business function called from this program in particular by the localization.
if you don't use the localization the problem is inside to the tax setup(P0022) and are just open some SAR to fixed this problem for the version 7332 and 7333. Check into knoledge garden using keyword " VAT rounding ).


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Thanks for your response.
I don't think it is problem with any business functions or rounding issues. If this was setup issue in P0022 or business function it should have been consistent not sporadic. In my case the taxable amount shows up correctly sometimes, sometimes wrong, sometimes zero for the very SAME invoice. I saw in KG and spoke with JDE they don't have any clue. I am doubting the connection(setup) between OneWorld and Quantum (Vertex)
Let me know if you find anything guys..will keep you posted.



Hi Jdeman,Well,you could be right.At our end , the rounding issue was never
noticed until we created an invoice for a very small sales order value.As
long as the sales order values were big, the rounding issue was too small to
be noticed.So the values were being calculated incorrectly all the time,we
noticed it only for a specific invoice having a small value!Just thought I'd
share this ..although it is probably not relevant to your situation now.


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Can you tell me how you fixed this....assuming that you did. We are experiencing the same problem after having made all the current Vertex Business Function modifications. We are currently on V5.R1 Service Pack 20.