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OMW very slow in 8.11


We are on 8.11 SP1 and use Windows XP fat client for development. Recently we have noticed a severe performance degradation during OMW checkins & checkouts as well as saving ER code in FDA / RDA. They are taking as long as 20 minutes in some instances.

Has anyone else experienced this? We have disabled system restore as per recommendation from JDE, but that didn't help.

if you are really serious about fixing this issue, turn on debugging and right before you perform a checkin/checkout, delete the contents of the jdedebug.log. now, perform the actual checkin/checkout and wait for it to finish. immediately save a copy of the jdedebug.log and review it in order to determine where the bottleneck is. it should be pretty apparent with a 20min completion time.


This sounds like a problem with 'System Restore' being enabled. You can turn it off under system properties in Windows XP. If you have multiple disks or logical partitions you can disable it just on the disk that holds your local ERP installation


We have a call open and Oracle is saying that the cause of OMW slowness is this line in the JDE.ini file
#Spec Datasource=Local

Remove the comment and perofmance was better.

Try this.


I'm also having the same issue. Save, checking and checkout of reports takes too long.
I have tried all the above methods(disabled system restore, terminated antivirus, changed JDE.ini Spec Datasource) but there is no improvement.
Attached is the log file which generated when I added a blank comment line in ER and saved the ER.
We did not change any thing recently, all happened suddenly but the issue is only with my fat client. Others are working fine.

And I found the last line in the debug log causes the delay, which is as follows.

May 14 10:07:15.790037 - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	Exiting JDB_AssignOriginalJDETablename with Success 
May 14 10:07:15.790038 - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	ODBC:N DBFreeRequest(close) req=07463F10 con=0709AF80 
May 14 10:07:15.790039 - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	ODBC:N DBFreeRequest(close) req=0BF64F98 con=0709AF80 
May 14 10:07:15.790040 - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	ODBC:N DBFreeRequest(close) req=0BF89A10 con=0709AF80 
May 14 10:07:15.790041 - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	Entering JDB_ClearBuffers 
May 14 10:07:15.790042 - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	Exiting JDB_ClearBuffers with success. 
May 14 10:07:15.790043 - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	Exiting JDB_CloseTable(Table = F98760) with Success 
May 14 [COLOR="#008000"]10:07:15.790044[/COLOR] - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	Exiting JDB_CloseTable with Success 
May 14 [COLOR="#008000"]10:07:15.790045[/COLOR] - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	SpecEncapsulation : Close completed. 
May 14 [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]10:07:46.317000[/COLOR][/B] - 5348/5456 MAIN_THREAD                       	JDEPPClearSpec: Failed to clear REPORT_R590711K specs.