OMW Token Release


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Is there anyone using OMW activity rule so that the Token is released at
time of check in of version ?????

Is it possible ?



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Hi Javid,

I do not ask your OneWorld release level, I guessed it myself, it is XE or higher :)))

Yes, I understand, versions and OMW.

As far as I know you can not release the token at Status Activity level just at Transfer Activity level (at Status Promotion) or explicitily pressing the button on the middle bar in OMW.

Just a hint for your supposed problem, releasing token for numerous versions in the default project (did I guess it?):

1.) Create two new Project Status A and B
2.) Make possible the A to B and B to A promotions further the Creation status to A.
3.) Add activity rules to "A to B" promotions to release token for the desired object types (UBEVER, APPLVER) like when you promote to the Completed status.
4.) Create a dummy project and promote it to A.
5.) Use the Move Objects OMW Row Exit and filter for the UBEVER/APPLVER or *VER type to move the versions from the Default project to the A project.
6.) Promote your project to B and back to A.

7.) Currently I do not know other way to empty the versions in one step and not one by one from your dummy project then to delete the project and recreate it again.

I know, this is not a sophisticated solution but much more effective and comfortable then release the token and remove the version one by one if you want (have to :)) do it on a lot of versions.

Hope, could be a bit help for you.

P.S.: I like OMW! Do I like OMW?

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)