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Has anyone set up the OMW save/restore function? I have SAVE working, but not restore. Cannot find any information on the restore function.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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No but I have been unable to get SAVE to work. Could you shed some light. I
get the message that the save location cannot be found. I have set up the
pathcode, etc.


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I am also learning how to configure OMW and collecting as much information as it is possible.
Just yesterday evening I have found a document
ID: ott-00-0069
Title: Creating an Object Save Location for the Object Management Workbench
on the Knowledge Garden.
I haven't read it already but maybe it can be usefull as for me as for you.

On the other hand please, share your results relating to Save/Restore configuration with us on the List/Forum. Thx.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Apparently, the Restore was working. I found a paragraph in the help documentation that says you must highlight the object you want to restore, then click on restore. I also got a call back from JD Edwards, and this is their explanation: You can only restore an object (or project) by highlighting it and clicking on restore. If you have deleted the object from your project, you must add it back, then restore. Thinking about disaster recovery, or a lost disk drive, this means you will need to recreate the project(s) that were on your drive before you can restore them.

There is no JDE function (report) to tell you what you have saved, but I found reference to the saved objects in F98740, F98760 and F98761 in my save (DEVSAVE) library and Object Librarian F9861 also keeps track of them. You can use UTB or write a report over them.

JDE also says the save/restore function is for use when multiple developers are assigned to a project. Anyone can restore from the saved location as long as they have access to it in an OMW project. You would then have 2 separate local copies of the object, and the last person to save back to the save location will overwrite it. Sounds like this would have to be used very carefully.

That's all I know about restore.

We followed the ott-00-0069 document in setting up our save environment on the AS/400. There is a gotcha (at least for AS/400 where central objects are on the AS/400) in step #5. F98306 and F98950 reside in Central Objects, but F983051 lives in Versions data source, so R98403 just didn't copy that table. I did a manual CRTDUPOBJ making sure the authorities to the file were the same, and put it into our DEVSAVE library. Of course, logicals couldn't be copied, so I hope this doesn't come back to bite me. Be sure to authorize your users to the DEVSAVE library and that the ODBC data source are set up correctly.

Best of luck, and I'd be glad to help anyone I can with this.