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Just wondering, is there an easy automated way to set where when each developer creates a project, the CNC's userID gets added automatically ?

I'm working with the dba to develop an automated process to insert that info on F98221, but if anyone else has already done this, or know an easier, simpler way, please let me know.

Thank you !!
I usually tell developers they need to add the CNC userID when they create a project. If you have a lot of developers and projects going on, then a trigger on add to F98220 to check F98221 and add a row if needed shouldn't be a problem.
Thank you for your feedback regarding the triggers I will further research that option.

I've told our developers to add the CNC's ID but the success rate is less than 50% with a typical 'sorry dude, I forgot' comment - LOL

Another option would be a stored procedure. You could schedule it a few times a day if CNC needs to see the projects the same day it is created. The advantage of a stored procedure is that it is easy to change/turn on/off. It may be a little more complex to code as it will need to look for projects missing a CNC and add them, but it should be doable.
Thanks for all the feedback.

Sounds like a Stored Procedure or the trigger is the way to go !! I'll get busy writing up the requirements for the dba.