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Ok.. we had a developer who moved a project at a status 38 into another project at a status 21 (a project within a project). We tried removing the project, upon doing so, highlighted the project (38) (which had been drug into the 21 project) and clicked delete. Well unfortunately this not only deleted the project at a status 38 from the project .. it totally deleted it from OMW. So now what?? Has any ever had this issue? The project had already been promoted to Production. Not sure what to do.. for like auditing purposes.. etc. Any suggestions?


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So in this case, how do you remove the inside project out of the outside project? I have accidentally moved a project into my default project and was not able to remove it by clicking the right arrow button... Your help is greatly appreciated!
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You would need to use a SQL statement to get it out. The statement would look similar to this:

delete from f98222 where poomwprjid='ParentProjectName' and poomwobjid='EmbeddedProjectName';


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Simply click on the embedded project, then click the right arrow at the bottom center of the OMW main screen and OMW will remove the embedded project from inside the primary project. Then search for the project and add yourself to it. Ta da.


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Hi Ken M,

Thank you for your suggestion; however, I've tried it already and it did not work. I've also tried to move the embedded project into another project other than my default one and removed it from there using the right arrow button in OMW. It appeared to be working until I hit Find again. The embedded project is back to the default project. My guess is that the right arrow button works only on objects...