OMW and frequent checkins


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Hi gang.

In releases prior to Xe, a developer could check in a modified object, but keep it check out on local machine in order to make further modifications to it without checking it back out from the deployment server.

Is there an equivalent way of doing that in Xe or do we need to set up a save location?

I don't want to have the hassle of setting up a save location if possible. Thanks.

C Ho
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C Ho,
I am affraid you have to setup Save location(s).
OneWorld's approach changed in XE releating to Check in/Check Out.
The Check I/Os are administrative tasks too. Check In is for to obtain token for the objects not only to get the specification, Check Out is for to release Check In status not only to save changes.

There are new features in OMW of XE instead of the old functionalities of Check I/Os:
* Get: just to get the specification without any further administration
* Save/Restore: as their names says Save/Restore.

I know, it isn't really a help for you.


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