OMW and different check out locations


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Hi. I have another OMW question.

Does OMW allow the same object to be checked out to two different locations?

We have 3 PCs in our test lab. I checked out R04572 on PC 1. Someone was using PC 1. I went to PC 2 to check it out. I went into design without any warning messages. I retrofit the mod. When I came back out, OMW did not recognize that R04572 was checked out on PC 2.

In an earlier thread, Zoltan mentioned that there's documentation on KG about OMW, but I couldn't find anything related to my above questions.


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C Ho,
I suppose, you have Checked-Out R04572 under the same Project, haven't you?
Just few days ago, my experienced colleauge have had the same problem.
He figuered out where and how to change the recordings of OMW to be able to Check-In and do not lose his work. Unfortunatley I do not know the details currently.

I suppose, OMW isn't enough consistent yet to handle/resolve Check-Outs on more then one machine (of course, only on one at the same time).

Hopefully an ESU/ASU and/or SP do or will resolve this issue.
Do you know about such kind of ESU/ASU, SP already?


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