ODBCFace - UK ?


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Hello List

Is there anyone in the UK using the odbcface tool with JDE ?

It seems very useful and I'd be interested in an appraisal from someone familiar with using it.

Feel free to mail me directly at [email protected]

Many thanks

Steve Lawrence
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We have been using ODBCFace for quite sometime.
Our JDEdwards team use it to upload batch jobs of Journal Voucher entries to our AS400. The users find it a great time saver.
We have actually produced a spreadsheet which downloads Business Unit security for the user so they can validate the journal vouchers before they upload the journal vouchers to the AS400. Then ODBCFace kicks off the job to process the journal vouchers.

I have developed other spreadsheets which downloads/uploads data from other database backends such as SQL Server, SQL Base etc.

The spreadsheets are easy to develop because ODBCFace has a wizard which removes most of the SQL coding.

It's quite a nifty tool and I am more likely to develop a simple spreadsheet than write a full blown MS Access database.

Hope this info helps.

Ewan Millar
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