ODBC Connection on 9.1 Demo


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I am having difficulty in setting up an ODBC Connection with 9.1 Demo. When I use MS Access and attempt to access the OneWorld ODA Data Source, I get the following error, "ODBC Failed---Unable to Connect to OneWorld Environment. I tried to setup my own ODBC using the Oracle in E1 Local driver, but unfamiliar with the Data Source Name, TNS Service Name, that I should use.

Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated.

Try using 'E1Local' as Data Source Name, TNS Service Name.
Are you able to connect via SQLPLUS?
May be you should share your TNSnames.ora and SQLnet.ora if you can .
This would help us investigate the issue.

Thanks Adi, please find attachments requested.


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Both the files seem to have the right configurations.Please try the following steps,

Are you using a 64 bit Operating system?
IF yes have you installed a 32 bit client to access the database?
Since JDE happens to be a 32 bit system, it requires a 32 bit client to access a 64 bit database.

Are you using a virtual machine ?
If yes try setting up a static IP on it .
Then edit the Host of the E1Local service to the static IP that you set.
Then do a tnsping from the command prompt for the E1Local Service.(tnsping E1Local). should give success.

Also add the System DSN driver for E1Local service in the microsoft ODBC Administrator and test the connection .

If all things have been in place , this should work out ,else we may have to study the logs and investigate further.