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We are currently looking at using Crystal Info for reporting out of JDE
(B733 SP11.1).

I am fine with using the ODA driver on a thick client for things such as
Excel and Microsoft Query. This seems to be working okay.

However we would like use Crystal on machines that do not have a thick
client installed. These users access JDE via Citrix (1.8 i think).

My questions are this:
Can we use ODA driver on a non thick client machine?
If so how do we go about installing the driver?
Should we be using the standard SQL Server Driver instead?

I have had a search of the archives but could not find anything that answers
these questions.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


B733 SP11.1 SQL7.0 NT4.0
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We are not a TSE/Citrix user. So weigh my comments accordingly.

The ODA ODBC driver has a data source (OneWorld) and data sinks (Excel, MS Query, Access, ...). If the data sources and data sinks are on the same platform (your Citrix server) then everything should work OK. However if your MS Office Apps, etc are installed on your "thin" clients, then you have a problem. The ODA driver requires the OW Client software underneath it, so you can't install ODA by itself on your thin clients. ODA should already be installed on your Citrix host (as part of the client s/w install). However if your MS Office s/w is not run on the Citrix server but locally I don't believe it can see the ODA ODBC driver.

Net, net you should be OK if all the components are in one place, either the client or the Citrix server. Otherwise you're probably hosed - unless some of the Citrix experts here can show the way :)

Larry Jones
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