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ODA 1.47


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Does anyone out there know how to get ODA version 1.47. We are using Seagate Crystal Reports and have been told that we need ODA version 1.47 to schedule JDEdwards reports. We are prepared to upgrade from sp7 to sp11.3 but in the documentation it doesn't say that it will upgrade the ODA driver to 1.47, we are upgrading to fix other issues. Is there another way to upgrade the ODA driver without having to install a service pack. Does sp11.3 contain update .dll to upgrade the version of ODA we have from 1.20 to 1.47??
Any help Please.



There is a file called jdeowoda.dll, which should be placed to your b7\system\bin32 directory. You have to do the following on every machine that requires the new ODA:

1. Run cmd.
2. Go to b7\system\bin32
3. Run 'regsvr32 /u jdeowoda.dll'
The system should respond 'DLLUnregisterServer in jdeowoda.dll succeeded'
4. Rename jdeowoda.dll to jdeowoda.old
5. Copy new jdeowoda.dll to b7\system\bin32 (I'll send it to your private address).
6. Run 'regsvr32 jdeowoda.dll'
The system should respond 'DLLRegisterServer in jdeowoda.dll succeeded'
7. Restart. To check the new version, go to 'Drivers' tab in ODBC DSN in your Control Panel.

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Could you please send me a copy of the .dll that will upgrade from ODA 1.20
to 1.47.

Greg Cotten
Information Technology