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Hey Gang,

I'm trying to use CRP business data with Pristine objects. I went into OCM and made an entry for my user name to use 'Business Data - CRP' for the data path in the pristine environment. If I activate it I have a blank menu screen when I go into the Pristine environment. Then I have to log into a different environment in order to deactivate it so I can get my menu options back. Any thoughts to what I am doing wrong?

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OS: NT4.0; SP6a
JDE: One World B7332; SP11.3
DB: SQL 7.0; SP3


Pristine is an odd animal.....when you moved the business data from Pristine
to CRP in your new environment you also moved your Control Tables!

Pristine for some reason in B7332 and older releases has Control Tables and
Business Tables in the same data source (So when you moved the data source
you lost your control tables which include menus). You can get around this
by adding mappings for yourself to the "Control Tables - CRP" datasource on
all Control tables for your new environment.

Hope this helps...



In B733.2 the Control Tables for Pristine where also
in Business Data JDE. Since these tables (F0002,
F0021, F0004, F0005, F0082, F00821, F0083 and F0084)
do not exist in Business Data - CRP, (your new DEFAULT
OCM Mapping) OneWorld can not find the menus.

You should have errors on your JDE.LOG pointing this

What you need to do, is to add OCM mappings for these
Control Tables for the PRT733 environment that point
to Control Tables - CRP. I would just copy all the
TBLE entries from CRP733, Control Tables - CRP.

Good luck,

Jorge Arrieta
CNC Certified Consultant

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