A9.2 Obtaining the Password Policy in Exportable file format


HI! I am assisting in a project to obtain the password policy in an exportable format IE .csv file type. Currently, I understand how to navigate to the P98OWSEC or the P98LPSEC application to view the password configurations for EnterpriseOne. I have attached an example of what I am referring to.

That image to display that is displaying the configuration, is there a way to obtain a CSV file that contains those extact settings?



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Starting in tools release 9.2 those values are held in a BLOB field in F98OWSEC for SCUSER=*POLICY. That makes it tough to export it out via SQL. You would likely need to write a custom program of some kind to basically simulate what the interactive application does. Or you might try an orchestration if you use those.


Hi Mark, thanks for the response. I am very new to JDE. is there an easier way to extract the values I am seeking out of the backend?