Obsolete Jde.ini citrix



When i try to run Jde Xe on citrix to all my user he says ERROR
JDE.INI obselete

then i copy the windows (where the jde.ini is ) directory in the users home path then it works ???

i dont know


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You should delete the user profile and when they log in next time, the profile will be copied from the default user......


On Sat, 09 June 2001, Perrover wrote:


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You are getting the Obsolete INI file error because the user is
attempting to use an old INI file. To avoid this be sure to place your
WTS in install mode before modifying the INI file. Then when done place
WTS back in execute mode. All changes to the INI file will then
replicate down to all users (who should each have their own INI file).
You should be placing your WTS in install mode when installing a package
(although using the Add/Remove Program does this for you behind the
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Re: RE: Obsolete Jde.ini citrix

I agree!

Alwasy put yourself in install mode, ADD/Remove programs is probably the easiest way to do this, or at a command prompt you can type: Change User /install

You may run into a lot of problems if you do not go into Install mode before installing applications that should be accessible to all users.