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Object Save Location


We're looking into creating & using an object save location as outlined in JDE document ott-00-0069. This document outlines creating the save location but we have questions on the use of it. Are there any better documents about this existing? Is anyone else using the save location? Has it made doing upgrades/updates easier? What is the easiest way to move objects from the devsave location to dev (R98403?)? What is the timing of synchronizing devsave & dev after an upgrade/updates? etc.

Thanks in advance for any help you may have.

Xe SP13
Oracle 8.0.6


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Jimc :

I've used Save Location on several clients and it's a good thing indeed!
Basically, you've got to create brand new Central Objects datasources,
Versions datasources, a new pathcode and a new environment.
Pathcode needs to be created only in the Deployment (not the Enterprise).
When you Save a NER object from PY7333, it copies its specs from
Central Objects - PY7333 (for example) to Central Objects - SV7333.
If this object is .C, it also copies its source and include files from
\\Deployment\B7333\PY7333\Source and \Include to the .\SV7333\Source
and \Include folders. Objects had to be moved via OMW, so don't
use R98403 because it won't copy .C code.
I have to admit that Save Locations saved my life with a couple of
malign JDE ESUs.

Sebastian Sajaroff