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Object Browser UI Question


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Hi folks,

JDE Object Browser was built on the MFC UI from 2006(ish). MS has since adopted the use of ribbon bars instead of menus and tool bars. As we look to rebuild OB on a newer framework, I'm interested to hear opinions about employing a ribbon bar UI. I'm old and still unsure about it.

thanks, as always, for any feedback,


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It would probably be more consistent with a lot of apps these days and what people are probably used to. I believe you also have or are developing a web version, I haven't installed it yet so I have not personally used the UI, but it might also lead to a more consistent UI with the web version. I think everyone will be fine with it either way. Personally, I never recovered when MS went to the Ribbon interface in their office apps... never learned the key board shortcuts... but that's office and I don't think the transition for Object Browser will be that difficult should you choose to go that route.


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Hi Craig,

I'm happy with the current look and feel of the menu and toolbars. Trying to imagine Object Browser with a Ribbon instead of the current toolbars, it doesn't seem like the ribbon will improve the user experience. But, it probably wouldn't hurt the user experience much, other than maybe losing some screen real estate at the top.

Remembering the switch in Office, the Ribbons ate up more screen real estate as well. But, there were so many more menus and sub-menus in those applications. Once you got used to the Ribbon, there did tend to be fewer clicks to get to some oft used options that had been buried in sub-menus before.

I guess that is a good rule of thumb. If it takes the same number of clicks or fewer to get to an option on the ribbon, then the ribbon is fine. If it takes more clicks to do the same thing, then the ribbon is annoying.

And thanks for Object Browser. I use it everyday and it is great.


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Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your feedback and kind words. I tend to agree with your points and don't think the user experience will be boosted. I will rebuild it on VS2019 to utilize the updated MFC framework when I get some time.