Object account security?


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My client wishes to give people at remote branches access to GL but does not widh them to be able to COGS. BU security will restrict most access but unfortunately Sales (which they do need access to) and COGS are in the same BU. Is there any way of imposibg Object Account security?

Is it possible to create a logical on the F0902 & F0911 excluding the objects? or is there an easier way?

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V7.3 CUM11 / E9



Have a look at data selection on the DW's, it may be possible to close
people out by only giving them access to a menu with DW version with
selection allowing or prohibiting specific object accounts. You will have to
watch program exit security (Function key security) though.

Otherwise, the only way is bespoke programming. It may be possible to build
this into the BU security module and therefore make it applicable right
across the board but I'd have to have a good in depth look at that before
committing myself. Creation of logicals would require many recompilations
and possibly programming changes as different logicals would be required for
different classes of users. Don't go down that road!

Depending on the access required, possibly the best solution would be a
couple of bespoke versions of the access programs (video/report...) with DW
PO control.

Ron Tuohy
RJT Information Systems Ltd.


Please do not believe that you can lock people out of AS/400 data just
be re-arranging their menus. Even though JDE promotes this charade,
at this late stage of the game everyone should understand that menu
security does not (simply because it can not) protect against users
connected with a PC. These days PC's are preloaded with FTP clients,
ODBC drivers, Client Access file transfer, etc. etc. etc. Please don't
promote menu's as a method of securing data on the /400



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Note that John's warning also applies to Business Unit security.

Dave Kahn (World A7.3 cum 10)