Number Pad Quits Working


Recent upgrade form 7.31 to XE. Fat clients to Citrix.
Users lose the key pad functionality. Have found no consistent pattern and sporatic. JDE Knowledge Garden no help and believes it might be Citrix. Log off of JDE and Citrix and come back in you get the functionality back.

Anybody else experienced this?
I would agree this is most likely a Citrix problem. Try and upgrade the ICA client and see if that helps. There is also a known MS issue on terminal server 4 (you don't say if you are using TSE 4 or Win2K terminal services) with number lock synchronization and remote clients.

I am assuming you are using Win2K and so I would recommend using a different ICA client version first.


B73.3.2 SP 11.1_UPKG, NT SP6a, MS-SQL 7.0 SP2, WIN2K/Metaframe 1.8a SP2/FR1 & Fat

Jeff Hill
IS Division Manager
Yamazen Inc.
We experienced the same problem. All of the clients were Win 95/98. An
upgrade to Win NT (Win 2000 now) fixed the problem.

James Hammonds
IT Manager, Heil Environmental
OW B733.2 SP10, Oracle 8.1.6
Yes, We've had and continue to have this problem on occasion in 733. Most
of our problems where on thin clients with Win95 and Win 98 operating
systems. We have experienced some success by up grading the thin clients to
Win2K. While this has helped in most cases. We still have some stubborn
systems where nothing totally corrects the problem.

Walt Sellers
Heil Environmental Industries, Ltd.
OW B733.2 SP10, Citrix, Windows NT TS2000, Oracle 8.1.6
We are currently running Oneworld B732.1 Win 95/98 WTS in 5 remote offices and have been for over 2 years and we NEVER had this problem.

Low and behold about a month ago 1 of our 5 remote offices started having this same problem - num lock freezes.

We traced it to Yahoo and AOL messenger services - once these are removed from the systems - everything works fine again!

I would check to see what kind of "chat/messenger" services are installed on the affected systems and remove them. AOL is notorious for freezing up systems due to large temp files, etc.

Based on our problem free experience of 2yrs I don't think it's the OS/WTS combo - it's internet stuff!

Prod: Oneworld B732.1
Sandbox: Oneworld Xe
RS6000 AIX Oracle WTS
Are system analyst has identified are issue as a timing out setting of 120 minutes on are Citrix setup. After users identified the losing of the number pas after long idle times. We increased the setting to 240 and so far so good.

Bill Boyer
JDE Analyst
.just discovered that using "remote control" on W2K Terminal Server messed up
num-lock functionality for the monitored client...
Is it possible that this is the same cause ?
We use NT and experience this issue too. So far, just closing the screen we are in and then reexecuting that screen fixed it. Haven't had to totally get out of JDE and log back in.

WinNT, Citrix
XE Update 2 SP15.1
Oracle 8i