Null pointer error while using X4801


Hi All,

I am building a mass upload application to update work order date fields. I have built a headerless application and on row exit of grid have used F4801BeginDoc,F4801EditLine MBF. to validate data at each row and throw any errors like "Requested Date is less than start date" for each row if date is entered wrong. When I copy 500-600 data from excel and paste in grid it throws error as "Null Pointer" This happens randomly and there is no specific time at which it occurs. I copy paste the same set of data from excel and sometimes don't get the error.
Is there I missed something with the F4801EditLine BSFN while using it. I have used the same code from P48013.
Below is the screenshot of the error. Once I get this error, the error keeps occuring everytime even for one record present in the grid
I got the debug log and found that idInputPointer used in X4801MFGEdtiLineModule is increasing in multiple of 15 and hence it cannot store more than 999 pointers.
How can I solve this as I have not modified the standard BSFN X4801 I am just using it.
I have attached the dump for my application that i developed. Is there any limitation on using X4801 MBF for mass upload use.
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