NT User default printer ...


Hi List,
this is a really embarrassing question to all the 'NT Administrator experts' out
How to set a user's default printer in a NT Domain ?
Here's the issue: our users connect to OneWorld through Citrix and Terminal
Server, go to 'Submitted Jobs', view PDF Job, in Adobe select File, Print and
then are prompted with a Print 'pop up window' that displays a 'default
I need to change this 'default printer'.
By the way, these are all TCP/IP printers, locally defined on both Terminal
One way is to take the user id, sign on directly to Terminal Server, go to
Printers, right click and 'Set As Default'.
Doing this for 50 users and two Terminal Servers ... give me break.
I search several manuals with no answer and finally went to the Microsoft Web
page and 'scanned' the 'Knowledge ...' and 'How to ...' areas. The result was a
Microsoft document: 'How to: Set a user's default local printer with a logon
Here it describes how to 'hack' the registry to change the default printer by
using the NT Resource Kit's 'REGINI.EXE' utility. We installed the Resource Kit
on our Servers a while ago (mainly to automate the daily restart of the Terminal
Servers), so I went ahead and gave it a try.
The results so far range from impressing Dr.Watson error massages while running
the script and a simple message: 'REGINI: Failed to load from file
'IS_Printer.ini (2)' (IS_Printer.ini contains the script for regini.exe, as
described in the Microsoft 'How to' doc.
All this leads to my questions:
Do I really need to 'hack' the registry to assign a default printer in NT ?
Has anyone a functional NT Domain login script to share (which assigns a default
printer) ?
Our am I totally going nuts here and there is a easy way to assign a default
printer ?
(Administrative Tools, User Manager for Domains, ...)

I would appreciate any comments, Dirk

OW 7.332 SP 10.1,
Terminal Server, Intel NT 4.0 SP 5, Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 SP1 and Hotfix 181T001
Deployment Server, Intel NT 4.0 SP 5 with Central Objects SQL 7.0
Enterprise Server, AS/400 V4R4M0, Cum C9313 (and C0147 on my desk to install)
database fix pack #11 (SF99104) and Client Access Express SF60796
Since you are already creating the printers on each terminal server, the
easy way is to go into the properties of the printer -> Security and
change the permissions. What I do is remove the group everyone and add,
either the group or the user, that I want to see the printer. When the
user logs on from that point on, they see the printers they have been
given rights to.

Matt Andres
Technology Manager
World Technology Services
(206) 436-3300