not able to view pdf on citrix server


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Hello All,

We are facing issue with our thin clients. This issue slowly started appearing for all servers. when user click on job record in WSJ and then click view pdf they get message ' uable to locate a viewer for a file ... <file path> would you like to locate a viewer yourself'. This problem past away for sometime by deleting that user's profile but not proving this as permanent solution. We have taken one terminal server out of cluster and tried reinstalling acrobat and put that back in cluster. Now we are getting error on another server. Any suggestion on this issue would be of great help.

System info # Xe, Acrobat5.05, Enterprise Server # HP-UX, Database Oracle 9i


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Is it possible that your network security rights changed for Adobe on each server in question? Perhaps the security groups changed names or some users are not in the applicable group.
We have a simular problem un related to JDE where pdf files opended from out intranet over citrix would ask for the file location but not on every citrix server.

What Senior Network guy found was that the problem went away if he got the user to :
1. Open citrix desktop
2. open Acrobat/Adobe Reader
3. open preferences
4. Highlight "Internet" and UN-tick "Display PDF in Browser"


Seems strange but give it a go and see if it fixes your problem.


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Thanks for suggestion. Our network team looked into this issue and found there was problem with user profile. Once users logged off, their profile was not claen up on system creating profile issues frequently.