No XML generating

Frosty the Coder

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A couple months ago, I was assigned some minor BI tweaks to an existing UBE
that was already being processed by BI Publisher.

I was able to launch the UBE and see that both PDF and XML output were generated.
I was then able to select that output while in Word for my BI Template.
Everything was just dandy.

Fast forward to NOW, I've been reassigned to the same UBE/BI.

When I launch the UBE I am NOT getting the XML output as before.
I'm not being shown the "select output destination" screen where I can choose XML.

Can anyone provide suggestions as to why I'm not seeing XML and/or how to get it generating?
(I will do more research on this, I'm just hoping someone else can set me right)

AND JUST LIKE THAT, I press "submit post", go back to the UBE and find XML in "printqueue"!
I guess this issue has "self-resolved" (which is good because it started as a PEBCAK).