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I will like to know if anyone has converted to the EURO and has had problems
with the file F0018 , F0311 and F0411.
We are working in world software A73cum10 and with the E9cum5 and the
converion programs do correctly the conversion of the F0911 and F0902 but do
not convert properly the other files. These files have some registers that
have been converted well but others do not.
Does the program do any integrity test between the diferent files during the
Is there someone that has converted these files and has gone well?.
Anyone can tell me which can be the problem?
Thanks in advance.
So E9cum5 is out - we're using cum4 with no problems.

Check that the CRCD fields are all correctly populated is the most obvious check. You say that some "registers" have been converted properly and some not - can you elucidate?

The conversion process itself does not do any integrity checking which is why you have to run all normal integrities before and after. If it did we wouldn't be able to use it to convert our base currency to USD rather than EURO!

The E9 conversion from BETA onwards has had no problems with these basic files so I doubt if it's been changed in cum5. It does suggest problems with the original data.

Good Luck


V7.3 CUM10 / E9