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I am working in World 7.3 cum 11. I am trying to generate a capacity plan in
a unit of measure other than hours. Has anyone successfully done this? I am
trying to do it in minutes because our run times are so short through each
work center, that in many cases the work centers are showing no load because
the run time is so small. We run many work orders through in a day and are
trying to see the load on our bottleneck work center. With hours as the unit
of time, I'm not getting an accurate enough picture of what's going on. So
far, I have expressed my run times in minutes in my routings, changed the
Capacity planning generation to Minutes, and re-expressed my resource units
in minutes. However, it isn't giving me anything at this point when I run
the generation - i.e. no load and not even a gross or rated capacity. Can
anyone provide any insight on this? Thanks for your help! -Alida