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Hi Ramon,

See "Prepayment Processing" in the Sales Order Entry guide. I believe =
this will address your issue.

-Mike Klehm
Hi, Everyone, I am Ramon, From a retail company in china.

Now I have a knotty problem about the sales order processing in JDE =
system , Could anyone give me a hand to share your idea?

For common procedure, sales order processing should perform like this :
Sales order Entry --> Shipment Confirm --> Sales update --> =
Accounting Sales Journal Post

But for a retail business, the customer will pay 100 percent when they =
place an order and then our company deliver the merchandise to the =
customers's home according to the schedule. so there will be some items =
in the warehouse is sold out, and at the same time, we can not cut off =
the sales order shipment at monthly end because some customer can not =
make confirmation on the delivery date even after one month. So we want =
to proceed the sales update and post to sales income after sales order =
entry to ensure the revenue number is same with the cash received daily, =
and then go to the shipment procedure. We can describe the work flow in =
our company as below:

Sales order Entry --> Sales update --> Shipment Confirm
--> Accounting Sales Journal Post

We got trouble when we trying to do that
a) After sales update , the status of sales order change to 999 , can =
not continue to proceed shippment
b) Affect item inventory number, the number of Qoh/Availability/Hard =
commitment confused

Could anybody give some advice on above issue? your prompt reply will be =
highly appreciated.



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