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I am attempting to ftp a 1.5GB file from my NT deployment server to my =
AIX unix box. It is bombing out after 1GB telling me it has exceeded =
the ulimit. All limits have been removed by my AIX administrator so I =
don't know what is causing this.

The file is rdbspec.dmp for creation of my PD7333 environment on my =
Production Enterprise Server.


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ULIMIT Restriction


This probably started a new thread but I couldn't stand to see more posts without a subject line (in future please give us a subject!).

Anyway tell your UNIX admin that the ULIMIT setting has to be removed not only from the JDE user's startup script (.profile?) but also from the system-wide user's startup script (on HP this is /etc/profile). Removing ULIMIT from one still leaves the other.

Hope this was it.


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