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We had this problem too once we upgraded to SP15 (many package build
problems too!!)

We got this response from JDE:

Edit the gen.bat it points to several files (.JAR I think) but for some
reason the path is no good. In the Gen.bat remove the path and just leave
the file name, then go and copy this files whose path you just changed from
their location into the same folder where gen.bat resides.

Hope this helps a little, sorry I can't remember our call number..

Sean Gilbert
JDEdwards Consultant

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05/02/2001 03:01
Please respond to

When I try to generate my java objects, I launch gen.bat, log into OW and
then the java/html generation screen comes up but it is white and then
nothing happens. I never get the "logged into server successfully" message
you are suppose to get in the command window - it just hands there. The
debug log doesn't really say anything and I do not get an error on the
screen. Anyone encountered this? (I can log into the html client without

We have a NT web server with Websphere 3.5. We are on Xe, SP15, Oracle 8i
with Solaris.


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