"No processing options found" after copying UBE


Greetings JDE List! I have encountered a problem that I have been unable to resolve. Here's what I did:

1. Made a copy of R4102P and ticked the box to copy the processing option template.
2. Promoted the copied UBE, versions, and copied processing options to status 26 (in the same project).
3. Deployed the copied UBE, versions, and copied processing options to our test server.
4. On the thin client I attempted to run one of the versions that I deployed.

I received the error "No processing options found" on the thin client. I subsequently attempted to run the version on the fat client and it runs flawlessly.

I do not know how to fix this issue and have been unable to find anything definitive in the forums (using key terms and a site:jdelist.com limiter with Google). Our system specs are in my signature. Any help that you can provide will be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Strangely enough deleting it and starting again did work. I say strangely because I followed the same process but received different (working!) results. Anyway, thank you for the guidance!