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"no header found" in Create!director queue


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\"no header found\" in Create!director queue

Hi All,
I am getting a message "no header found" on my director queue when i submit a job or do a test document. This is a first time setup of director.
Any suggestions?

Thanks for your output.

Createform server 3.2
Createdirector 6


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Re: \"no header found\" in Create!director queue

Is there a Cdirector project that matches the job you are printing (or selecting when you use the "test" button)?

In CformServer v6 (that's the app that processes jobs with Cdirector projects) what folder does it use to get projects?

In EnterpriseOne do you have metadata enabled in the JDE.INI file?



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Re: \"no header found\" in Create!director queue

thanks for your reply.
It turned out to be a cfprint.dll that was not updated to the version 6 during the install. This file needs to be upgrade to v6 in order for director to work.