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No Carriage Returns in Email Interface?


It seems at some point after converting to UBBThreads, the emails sent by the list are stripped of all carriage returns and other formatting elements.

I don't know about the other listers, but I use email as my primary interface and then go to the list when I need to post. Emails longer than a few lines are difficult to read.



My coworker, has occasionally encountered that problem, yet I have not. So I don't think it's just a hotmail problem. He is using Outlook, and so am I.

Hope this helps Mr. Kempter.


On the OneWorld XE forum the page is too wide to fit on my screen.  This happens when a thread 
has a post with no carriage returns.   This forum (General) is fine.  Is there something I can do to
 make the screen fit?

Hi Eric & Support,

I have the same issue like Patty.
When I open a post which is long enough and didn't contains Carriage Returns to break the text into shorter lines then the window of the post gets extremly wide and I have to scroll horizontally a lot to read the post.

Could you correct this embarrassing behaviour or advise me any settings to correct it on my site?

Thanks in advance,


Christian Audet

Staff member
Zoltan & friend,

Eric & support are aware of this behaviour and are working on this since last friday. In the mean time when I have enought time I add cariage return to post so it's easier to read (that's why you see edited by Christian everywhere !).

We will keep you & everybody inform when it's fixed (I hope it's soon !)