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Next Numbers for Purchase Orders [OD Type]

Mike Mackinnon

Well Known Member
Has anyone changed the Next Number setup after going live for next numbers?

We have a situation where we would like to change the setup for NN direct ship numbering [OD] to be changed from "Setup in the system 43 next numbers [N008]" to be setup by Co/FY. What we want to do is setup the "OD" order type to be coming from the same next numbering as the OP document type (Same as Doc Type = OP).

It seems like a simple change to me and I don't see any warnings out there regarding this but thought I would check with the user community out there in case someone has has had any issues or problems realating to this change.

Thank you!


Active Member

It is a simple change. And, the change takes place immediately. You will need to set up both doc types in NN By CO/FY.

Mike Mackinnon

Well Known Member
That is what I thought...I always like to double or triple check to make sure.
I may run a quick test in PY to make sure because I don't like dealing with fallout from a change I made :)

Thanks tboat!