Next Numbering


Can any one help me out ?
I wanted to use the document no. for the Branch plant/Business/Company.
for example document no 600001,600002 & 600003 onwards the same nos , I wd like to use in next financial year for same B/P & Company same document type..
How would I do that?
any remedy there in jde to resolve the issue.

Thanks & regrds


Hi Prasenjit,

There is a way to reset the NN tab with 600001 at the end of your fyscal year. But i think this creates conflicts as it is already used in the previous fyscal year. Please think twice before implementing this logic.

I am not sure, but I think we may loose the integrity of the tables also


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Sr consultant ?
Just kiding.

While on NN, click on exit Form > NN Constants : Choose the correct entry (default is now the 1st one for you I assume).
Then exit Form > NN by CO/FY, this is for setting up Next Number for each different companies (not different BP !!!).
You can have a prefix (the year), start number (this can permit to setup within the year and skip already used numbers), set numbers of digits.
You can setup the 'years' in advance and let the systems automaticely skip to the next year while youre on christmas hollidays ;-)
You will have to setup this nn for each different document types (see nn constants for the consequences if you fail some of them).
You have also the possibility to tell the system to use the same numbering for differents document type through the 'same as document type' field.

Hope this helps


Thanks for ur reply.
Kindly note that my question was about conflict of same document numbers for the same doucument type.Any flag for differentiate?both the numbers.My question was not How to setup the next numbering?
However,thanks once again...............



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I have not seen any flag as such which can populate & on the basis of which you can differentiate between two years but with same doc number.
Infact I think it will create a lot of issue as number is getting conflicted any way.What you can do otherwise is purge the data for last year & copy that in history files for reference.

Anyway this idea is fantastic of having same number in both years.