Newbie in jde


Hello, i'm newbie in jde development but it's something that i want to learn.
First, my english is not good enough and i say sorry for this.
Now i tell you my question.
I'm trying to do a power edit which have a grid with information of F4211 and F0101. Now, i want to select multiple rows (I have the form property activate) and this rows save this valors. When i click a button, i want this selected rows to do a massive update. My idea is update all the Promised Delivery field for all selecteds rows with the same valor.
I tried it, but i only can take first row selected.
My code is this:
In the Event rules of my button "Modify"
VA frm_Count = "1"
Get Max Grid Rows(FC Grid, VA evt_Total_Lines)
While VA frm_Count is less than or equal to VA evt_Total_Lines
Get Next Selected Row(FC Grid, <Before First Row>, VA evt_Actual_Line)
VA frm_Count = [VA frm_Count]+1
FC Promised Delivery = GC Fecha deentrega
End While

I put this line: FC Promised Delivery = GC Promised Delivery and trying to debug.
Can you help me? i don't know i explained so well my dude and if my english is a bit understandable.
Thanks a lot.
"Get Next Selected Row" dont work on a fat client (web only)
Try this:
Get Grid Row (
FC Grid, VA frm_Count)

It looks like your missing Get Grid Row

This will set the form engine to select the grid row you specify

Loop through grid and validate each selected row
VA evt_iLineIn_INT01 [INT01] = "0"
VA evt_iLineOut_LINT01 [INT01] = "0"
// Get First Row
Get Next Selected Row(FC Grid, <Before First Row>, VA evt_iLineOut_LINT01)

While VA evt_iLineOut_LINT01 [INT01] is greater than VA evt_iLineIn_INT01 [INT01]

// Process the Grid
Get Grid Row(FC Grid, VA evt_iLineOut_LINT01)

Do stuff with the grid using GC variables

VA evt_iLineIn_INT01 [INT01] = VA evt_iLineOut_LINT01 [INT01]
Get Next Selected Row(FC Grid, VA evt_iLineIn_INT01, VA evt_iLineOut_LINT01)

End While