New Transform 5.1 installation and problem with print queue


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Hi To all

We are upgrading our systems from XE to 9.1 and also our Formscape solution from 3.4 to Formscape 5.1 (Transform), we still use the formscape designer as we still dont want to migrate to transform

in our Formscape 3.4 installation, we had a main project that was a printer queue project. It was a very simple project

it didnt use any parser, receives the job directly to a text object.

then based on the filename of the job, it stored using a copy text => write file to a folder

then we have separated jobs scanning each folder in order to process the pdf.

Now in Formscape 5.1 we try to make the same, but the stored file do not match the original pdf, is has less size and it is unreadable

is any of you capable of making a simple project with a print queue that receives the print job (a .pdf file) and stores it on a local file as is?

could you specify how you configure the print queue and the parser? (if any)




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This is solved

by adding the printer as an lpd printer type RAW on the linux server (using cups). Then add the printer in JDEdwards with the cups printer name and not the share as *JDE_PDF