E9.2 new media objects


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I've got a new table and users have requested to attach notes and images the records.

I've never done media objects. I've look at the way the P01012 does it - appears to be some sort of defaul media object global control?

And then there is the media object control you can add to the form.

I've worked with the attachments. So i know about F00165. how the media object control works has always been a mystery.

suggestions? default control or use a new control on my form?


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I think i figured it out - gotta create a new object call "Media Object Structure" add the keys that get concatenated to the DS and save it. clear the global tables and then the GT shows up in the selection list for all the normal media object system functions


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Thats correct . You will have to create a media object DSTR GTXXX and then define the keys of the media object linking to your records in the table . On the application form level , you still need to enable media object functionality , set it up , attach that DSTR to it and allow users to add and change and view using that just like any other forms does . Of course , you can use GT then to use functions get text and all those using media object list and functions .

Abhishek Chhajer

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It will be complicated that that
- how you will link individual images to their master JDE records? Do you have the link between them
- images - you need to add file based url attachment which points to remote path where files are copied