New hug meeting registration process

Terry DeMoure

Terry DeMoure

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When you register it is nothing like previous last years on RegOnline (which has end of life) as registration will now be facilitated exclusively on our website at

You will need your login ID (email address) and Password to login as a member or login as a Guest (new member).

Fill in the required form or verify information then click on continue.

The next section is really different. You will be buying a ticket to our event at zero cost unless you are a Non-Member Sponsor. For the Non Member Sponsor there is a $250.00 fee.

Once you click the ADD button for either the Member Ticket, Sponsor/Presenter Ticket, or Non-Member Ticket, a series of three drop down boxes will appear with correspond to the three educational sessions we are offering. Under each of the drop downs select the class you are wanting to attend. When complete hit the ADD button.

You will note there is an option to buy Available Products (Sponsor Memberships) but for now continue to the bottom and review your selections then click on CONTINUE button.

The next screen is Payment Review screen that is utilized only by the Non-Member Sponsor ticket. Click on the CONTINUE button.

Next Screen is the REGISTRATION INFORMATION screen where you can print a copy of your receipt by clicking the Print Receipt button. When complete click on the RETURN TO HOME PAGE button.

You should receive an email from our website confirming your registration.

If you have any issues logging in, need your password reset, or have any questions please email [email protected] or [email protected]
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