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New Enterprise Server (LPAR)


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Hello list,
We are going to be upgrading our Enterprise server (AS/400) to a new 820 with an
LPAR partition. Currently the machine is an AS/400 with one processor. The
current machine has the following path codes: PY, JD, DEV. We would like to
split up the new server into Partition one with DEV and Partition two with PY
and JD. Each partition will have a unique name and IP address. Partition two
will keep the name and IP address of the current box. I am assuming that
JDEdwards would consider them two boxes.

My questions are:
1.Has anyone out there ever done this before?
2. I think that all I have to do is add the new processer as if it was another
enterprise server. Putting it into the planner, etc and then move the DEV
environment to the new partition. The fixing the OCM mapping and ODBC to point
to the new server.

If anyone has any documentation on moving environments to another enterprise
server, that will be helpful. I did find one called Switching out an AS/400
enterprise server at B7331.

Thank you

XE SP13.1
AS/400 V4R5M0
CO - AS/400