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New Download!


Thanks to David Mallory for updating (and uploading) his Security Settings by Program and User Group Spreadsheet. It's a free download in the downloads section at http://www.jdelist.com.
If you have a great utility that you would like to share with others, upload it! You will receive full credit for your donation (no other web site does this!). Other new downloads will be available soon!

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Where is the Download section? Regards,


Xe SP13, Enterprise server-AS400 V4R4, Deployment Server-NT4.0, JAS server-NT 4.0


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Thanks for the information.
I do download the spreadsheet but did not see the
security setting from manufacturing point of view.
Does suppose to be this way ?
Thanks !

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The security spreadsheet on the jdelist web site addresses those One World modules we have at Denver Water. We do not have manufacturing so I could not address it. Being an old manufacturing person, I would like to know that module, but I do not. Maybe you could invent the wheel here, or perhaps there is another person on the list who does manufacturing who could add a sheet for manufacturing.

Dave Mallory