Net/Gross Weight


Somebody knows as to handle to the gross weight or net weight in Inventory MAnager in Xe.


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Don't know your specific situation but my last company we set up a GW uom
then had uom conversions by product from the net to the gross (GW) weight.
Our gross was the weight of the product plus the container it was in. Our
weights were pretty standard for each container. We had a different item
number for each different package that the product was in. This is
suggested by JDE and consultants.

B7322 > XE NT AS400 SQL

Mike Dupaix

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There is only one weight field on the item master record. You must define that as either gross or net shipping weight. There are some work arounds available such as using volume or a category code for the second weight, but there is no functionality. JDE is adding fields/functionality for catch weight in the next major release (due out mid 2002).

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