NER and Package Build



I am having issues with N48S0320. When it is called by P42230 (Online
Invoice Inquiry) OW tries to find this NER in CFIN.dll not CCRIN.dll. In
F9860 and F98762 the parent dll is CCRIN. So I open up busbuld and run
synchronize JDEBLC then verify thru UTB that szSourceFileName is now CCRIN.
At this point all is well when the NER is executed on a client.

However, When I build a full or update package, on the deployment server or
a client, the new JDEBLC has N48S0320 with a source file of CFIN again.
Any ideas on how to get an accurate build?

Jeb Benbow

XE Update 3 SP16.1
W2K, SQL2K & Terminal Server
Fat Clients dwindling weekly