Need to ship confirm order again



We had issues with database (don't know the details) but it prevented programs and ube's to insert records into tables.
One of the issues we have now is that some orders after being ship confirmed are missing in Item Ledger and Bulk Ledger.

Instead of inserting records into F4111 I would like to run ship confirmation again.

I tried to remove "Actual Ship Date" and move back the status but the order is still not showing in the application P4205. What other field do I have to blank out ?

Please advise !

Thanks in advance for help !
you can compare a line from F4211 which is ready to be ship confirmed and then compare it to this order. you could key in the same order in test environment and make it ready for ship confirm.
If you are releasing the Inventory on Shipment confirmation then need to check the field "On hand Updated"....Plus you might need to bring back the quantities also if F41021 is updated..
You may want to check SO002 . It gets to 1 when inventory on hand is released for the line . if that is set it wont ship confirm again . One more approach is , to blank that out and actual ship date and run it through sales update . sales update checks SO002 flag and if it is 1 then wont run ship confirm , else it will ship confirm and also move to AR . You may need to check inventory balances and make sure adjust in /out before you do this to avoid double dipping your inventory balances . Run cardex to Gl integrity