Need to know the list of feature available with


We are currently on JDE 9.0 with TR and there was a CNC vendor who did the TR upgrade. I am new to project and i see some of the feature which are with 9.1.5.* are currently not being informed .,
I have looked around JDElearn, Oracle to find out the list of feature that currenlty comes along with the TR .
So i can review my feature list and get back to my CNC vendor to enable those feature.
Kindly provide me the list or let know where i can locate them?

Appreciate your time in advance.


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It would help if you could mention what Tools you are coming from. But I will give you some generic pointers. Check for this documentation on MOS, most of your questions will be answered and there are some really useful link to other documents which will be very helpful.
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology 9.1.x Documentation Overview (Doc ID 1368172.1)

In a nutshell there are quite a few new features in (again depending on where you came from) like.. Simplified Navigation, Server Only Packages, Recent Breadcrumbs, Outbound BSSV Clustering, IOT, Email and Calendar Integration, etc...

Good Luck!


Hello Soumen,

My Company have had Done the tools upgrade to but not the feature that comes with this TR has been educated or informed so i am trying to investigate on the features that come along with the tools so i can go back to CNC to enable them if i find it adds value to the company