Need to know how to email JDE order detail data in email body in table format

Business wants to send email to customer as soon as order is placed in JDE along with order detail lines in tabular forms with columns such as item number, item desc, qty ordered and price. Just similar to when we place order on E-commerce website, we get an email - Thank You for Placing Order along with Order Number, all detail line items with price and total amount, etc.


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You may consider using a Third Party Tool such as Bottomline's TransForm (the FormScape descendant).
It will not only create professional looking orders/cheques/reports, but also enable you to fax/eMail and even UpLoad the output to SharePoint.


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This can also be done with the embedded BI Publisher. You don't state your JDE version, so the functionality may vary. BIP can do everything you need with the one complication being a UBE needs to run to create the output. For immediate email after order is placed, you would mod to run a UBE as soon as the order is placed. You could also do a batch process that runs every 15 minutes or so and sends emails for all orders created since the last run.


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Can BIP do this? As I understand the OP's request he/she desires to format content in the body of the email (embedded HTML for example) not as an attachment.


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Exactly, use BIP

Pick up SOs at a certain status and just create an attachment per order.
Or go the old fashioned route and create a CSV and attach it to an email.

The only hiccup I see is your request "as soon as order is placed in JDE"

If they can wait 10 minutes - 1hr you can have a scheduled job picking them up. If it needs to be immediate then you need to take into account both manual orders (so you'd have to mod P4210) plus SOs coming in via EDI (if you have any?) (so you'd have to mod inbound POs)
But whatever the route they'll follow the same NXTR steps and you can pick them up in a UBE


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I agree with the Larry. The question is about the email body containing the information. You can create the HTML yourself and send it as the email body using the Send Message Extended system function.