Need to clear all Transaction and Balance Tables


Need to clear all Transaction and Balance Tables

We are on E1 9.1

We have an very unusual situation, we are a fairly large multi-billion dollar business that is in bankruptcy

Another company bought 75% of the assets of our company, call it NewCo. They will continue to utilize JDE in the same manner as we have.

They want to keep the same structure: Company / Business Unit / GL Accounts / etc... (at least in the short term)

So, we are going to give them our current Prod box & PD to use as their system

(We'll copy off our Legacy PD structure to our Dev box where we will wind down the existing Legacy company
I'm also in the process of cloning the other companies that other buyers purchased, OtherCo, onto the same PD environment on the Dev box.)

However, we need to clear out all of the Transaction and Balance tables to give them a fresh start on the Prod box

Does anyone have a list of tables that would need to be cleared? I know some of the obvious ones like

- AP F0411, F0413, F0414
- GL F0902, F0911,
- FA F1201, F1202, F1204
- They will keep most of the Master Data since they will have the same Customers, Vendors, Employees, etc...
- At some point, we will need to purge any Master data that does not belong to the 75% they acquired

Does anyone have a list of which tables to clear?

I guess this would be similar to clearing out CRP and Test data from a Production instance when you are ready to go live?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated




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Couple things come to mind. If you look at the Oracle guides, they usually have some sort of overview section that lists the tables involved. Another thought is to talk to Klik-IT - they have software called Purge-It that would be perfect for this. You could have it archive the data to a new database for safekeeping until you are sure you have everything the way you want. You can also have it just delete the data. It is built right into JDE, so very little set up requred and it knows the relationships to the tables. They might give you a short term contract.