Need tips on "Purging" of F0911


Need tips on \"Purging\" of F0911

Hello all:

We want to purge and archive the F0911 - Account
Ledger and its associated files. Any tips on how to
do this correctly and painlessly would be appreciated.
What are some gotchas do we need to watch for?

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RE: Need tips on \"Purging\" of F0911


Good question! I've been trying to deal with purging and archiving for a
couple of months now and not just for F0911. You have your basic POOPURGE,
which depending on your environment, may or may not be adequate. Also there
is writing it yourself. I've been looking at a product from Original
Software called Extractor/400 and it seems to do what I need it to do but I
don't have any first hand experience to pass on.

The Life Science SIG, along with 3 other SIGS, are currently dealing with
this issue also.

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RE: Need tips on \"Purging\" of F0911

You first need to summarize the F0911 records (program P09811). That
keeps the F0911 in balance with the F0902 file (in case you need to rebuild
the F0902 due to an error). The F0911 purge program (program P09911) will
then purge those records marked as having been summarized. I certainly
would recommend that you use the P09911 processing option to backup the
purged records to a file (can use the JDE defaults to do this).
The real trick is then getting rid of the deleted records in the F0911
file. If you are like us, you have millions of records in the F0911, with
plenty of logical files over it. JDE says not to change F0911 to reuse
deleted records, so you pretty much need to do the RGZPFM command on the
file, and that can take several hours to run. What I did is this - several
of the logical files are never or hardly ever used by us. So what I did
first is change most of the F0911 logical files access paths to *REBLD (kept
*IMMED on the most used logicals) as my first step, then did the RGZPFM
command. When the reorg is done, than I change the logicals files access
paths back to *IMMED. That work is actually done in IBM data base server
jobs. I can let people back on the system while IBM rebuilds those access
paths. The system runs a bit slower than normal, but it reduces the system
down time - and on a weekend, the system being slower than normal is not any
problem for us - not many users on.
On the purge program P09911, please note that the output file on
archiving deleted reoords has a different record format than the F0911 file
does (do not know why JDE did that). So do NOT create a copy of F0911 and
archive to that copy, if you choose that. Create a copy of F0911P file to
archive to.
Hope this helps some.

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Re: Need tips on \"Purging\" of F0911

First go to menu G09317 .

When purging the first thing is you must summarize your data. This
process will generate summarized transaction types "BF" for each account
and period . The records it summarized will have the field GLSUMM set
with a "Y" .

There is also an AAI where you can define accounts which should never be
summarized .

Once the data is summarized you can run the purge program and only select
the records which have been summarized .

We maintain the same retention across all the systems i.e A/P, A/R
Purchasing is retained for 3 years . When we purge we
purge them all.

When you summarize you may also want to exclude certain ledger types. i.e
"BA" .

Write reports for the different files and have them processed into fiche
and/or burnt to CDs .

Another approach I have seen presented at Focus2000 was to write your own
custom programs which goes through and flags records that you can and/or
cannot delete. This program would be more robust in that it could go
across the different files an could maintain data integrity. For example if
an invoice was still unpaid then it wouldn't' allow the corresponding F0911
records to be summarized .

It sure would be nice if JDEdwards had a fully integrated purge program in
their system which would purge data and maintain integrity across all the
systems .

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Re: Need tips on \"Purging\" of F0911

I've done lots of purges over many of the files in JDE so here is my .02 worth:

F0911 - in a previous post, they mention summarizing then doing the purge. This is correct but need to clarify the rest of it. You SHOULD use the option on G09317 to do your purge. Put in data selection for what you are looking to purge. If you are doing multiple years at one time, I would suggest you purge 1 year at a time. The process will move the records it purges out of F0911 into a file F0911P. There is not a processing option that specifies this, the purge process just does this automatically. This file should already be in your data library and empty. If present but has records, do a CLRPFM on F0911P. If you do not have this file, do a CRTDUPOBJ of F0911 to F0911P (duplicate data *NO). If you are doing multiple years, backup the F0911P file after doing the first year, CLRPFM F0911P, and then run the purge for the next year, back it up, etc...

F0902 - you may also want to purge years out of this file since you won't have supporting detail if you purge F0911. We usually keep one more year of balances than we have purged detail just for reference. This purge process is also on G09317 and does essentially the same thing as F0911 purge. It uses F0902P so follow same steps as above for F0911P.

F0411/F0413/F0414 - A/P purge. Has it's own purge process on G0431 (P04800). Follows same process as others above. Will fill F0411P/F0413P/F0414P files so check them first. Theses three files go together so be sure to back them up together if you are doing multiple years. Might consider purging these files for same years as your F0911 since you won't have supporting G/L detail for the A/P detail anymore...

F0311 - Found on G0331 (P03800). Ditto as above. Uses F0311P.

There was mention of the P00PURGE program. I do use this for files that DO NOT have "their own" purge process but be careful with it. If you get into a file that you need to use this process on, I can elaborate some more.

All of the files that you purge you will likely want to get them reorganized at some point. There was some good suggestions on that. If you aren't a 24x7 shop and can kick these type of things off on a weekend, great. There are lots of files in JDE that regularly get deleted records in them (F04572, F0609 for example) so I actually found a utility (can't remember where I got it) called RGZLIBPF that will reorg all files in a specified library and allow you to specify the "% of deleted records" to check before it reorgs a file. (so you don't reorg a huge file with only 2 deleted records in it...!) I end Sleeper and interactive subsystems (so nobody can login) and kick this off in the middle of the night (on a weekend) about every other month.

I've rambled on long enough. Good Luck!

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RE: Need tips on \"Purging\" of F0911

JDE is the first system that I have seen that does not have this.

What I don't understand is that EVERYONE needs it and needs the same thing -
so why make everyone re-invent the wheel.

Not only do they not provide a fully integrated purge program, they don't
even make it clear what you need to purge, making those of us who prefer to
consult those who have gone before fill up this board with the same old

It sure would be nice if JDEdwards had a fully integrated purge program in
their system which would purge data and maintain integrity across all the
systems .

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RE: Need tips on \"Purging\" of F0911

I will add my .02 also.
Records are only summarized if the object account is reconciled, and the
detail is only purged if they are summarized. Therefore, in order to purge
ALL OLD data from F0911 if the account is not one that is generally
reconciled you must programmatically set the reconciled flag on each record
before beginning the summarization. Otherwise you would end up with some
OLD Detail records and OLD Balance Forward records and the file would not be
as small as you could possible make it.

For reorging files on a regular basis we have a cl that just does a DSPFD
*mbrlist *outfile *pf then calls another cl that reads this dspfd file and
calculates the percentage of deleted records to the overall # of records in
the file and if it is GE 10% it execs the RGZPFM command. If the file being
reorged happens to be locked by another program (we do run this in the
middle of the night but not in a restricted state) there is a counter in the
cl to retry the command 4 times before moving on to the next record.

Hope this all makes sense.

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