Need soft coding values for JRH90I33 and JRH90I34


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Our E1 system is 9.1, but we didn't do tools upgrade yet, to So, we don't have source code or templates for JRH90I33 and JRH90I34.
I couldn't find any soft coding templates for JAX-WS. I think JRH90I33 is RPC and JRH90I34 is WS.

Can someone please post soft coding values for both JRH90I33 and JRH90I34? That'd be a big help! :)


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Are you saying that soft coding values are missing for JRH90I33 and JRH90I34 in P954000.

If yes, you can add it manually.
It needs to have the end point URL and the credentials for accessing the WSDL.
You cannot replace with other clients soft coding template, as end point URL varies.

Also JAX RPC and JAX WS is the type of BSSV package you are selecting. Its not JRH90I33 is RPC and JRH90I34 is WS.


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Hi Mistake,

I have in my system ( only JRH90I33. The value is:


You should change {IP} and {ENVIROMENT} for you system values.