Need help with UBE


Hi everyone,

While working on a non-standard ube (R5543500), we made some modifications to the code in DV, and asked the cnc guys (form another company) for deployment to PY and UAT environments. They said deployment was ok, yet the batch exhibits differents behavior on PY and UAT environment, when executed from JDE web. Some of the modifications we made we can see, some we can't. But when we do an "advanced get" from PY and UAT the code is exactly the same.

I really don't understand how it's possible, do you have any idea?

Thanks guys
Per oracle Doc ID 626511.1 we have to restart Web server and Enterprise servers then the new specification will get reflect on those server.
You could also look on your batch server in a directory like "d:\JDEdwardsPPack\E910\PY910\spec\runtimeCache" If you see a directory named the same as your UBE, delete it to force the specs on the batch server to refresh.
As Don mentioned, we have to 'force' delete the folder R5543500 from runtimeCache folder. It has the old specification.

Restarting is the last option. While restarting the EnterpriseOne server, it usually clears the run time cache folder. Means, we will get new spec.
Did you verify the versions you launch are identical in all three environments?
They may have different Processing Options or Data Selections ... who knows.
Is the job scheduled in UT but run manually in PY perhaps?
Or called by a subsystem?

If yes to any of those. Stop and start the scheduler again, same as the subsystem.