Need help with synchronizing role sequences


Hello Team,
I have a query,

We work on JDE 8.9 version since our system tables are diferrent, our roles in Production environment and QA environment are our of Sync( both the sequence number and the F00950 security records). We are now given a task to get them into sync(the lower environment must be in sync to the Prod), while i was analyzing i found that i need to refresh the F00950 from PD to QA to get the security records in sync and then refresh the F00926 table to get the role seq in sync.
can anyone tell me if I'm missing any other table?

Please let me know if you need more details.


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it depends on what you have mapped differently from the standard JDE setup. I would look at what tables you have mapped to compare between your prod and non-prod environments. Possible additional tables that would be split where you would need to synch data are the F0092, F0093, F95921