National language support


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Hi guys.
We're using Xe on Win2003 R2 and SQL Server.
We have to enter information in Kazakh language with all those specifically drawn letters.
The problem is although I can type those letters in Notepad they become ? signs when I copy and paste them in JDE editboxes or QBE fields or grid cells.
Looks like I've read full Internet twice trying to find if this is possible. But couldn't find an answer.
Is it possible to enter data using any selected language in JDEdwards? If yes then how do you set this all up?
Did anybody solve this somehow?

Any help is appreciated.


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The answer is "kind of".

First of all, you're on Xe, which has multi-single-byte support AND specific double-byte support. That means that Xe can handle multiple single byte languages BUT can only handle a single double-byte language.

I tried looking, but i'm not sure if the KK coded-language you're using is double-byte or single-byte character set.

Now, with EnterpriseOne 8.9 and above (all the way through to the latest version, 9.2) - EnterpriseOne became "unicode" compliant - ie, it can handle multiple single-byte and multi-byte languages throughout the system.

The issue is that you're trying to use a 16 year old piece of software (OneWorld Xe) - which has been out of support for 3 years, to perform something that was specifically introduced in a later product. I would totally recommend you upgrade to 9.2 if you can.

But if you cannot, then you need to make sure that your Client OS is also able to support the Kazakh language (since you're running Xe, you're no doubt using a "fat" client - or using Citrix) - the Operating System for the client must be configured to utilize Kazakh first, then you should be able to do what you want to do - providing its not a double-byte language. If it is double-byte, then there are some additional changes you need to make at the OS/Database level. All of this should be in the language guides on the Oracle website.


Thanks for your reply.
Kazakh language is single-byte since its chars are all fit within 1251-k charset. It is the same as Russian except 9 special characters.
Windows surely can handle Kazakh language since I can print those letters in Notepad.
Problem is that JDE converts each Kazakh character into ? sign.
"the Operating System for the client must be configured to utilize Kazakh first" - could you clarify this?
Unfortunately we can not go to 9.2 or any other higher version.